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Transition programmes are developed to support our Senior students prepare for adult life. 

Programmes include:


Work Experience: 


Some senior students aged 18 to 21, at Sir Keith Park

participate in a variety of Work experience programmes. The programmes

focus on preparing students for post-school life. A staff member supports

students in their work placement by guiding, modelling and encouraging.

Our students develop some valuable work and study skills through these


some examples of work placements have been: Attainable, McDonalds,

SPCA, Mangere Mountain Education Centre, local hairdresser and Habitat


We appreciate the community support that has enabled this to happen.  




Life Skills: 


An essential life skill, which includes learning about safety and  healthy eating.




Horticulture / Garden to Table: 


Students plan, plant and maintain a kitchen garden with produce used in the teaching kitchens.





















Sir Keith Park School students are involved in the Special Olympics ‘Schools Programme’. We compete in the following sporting codes: athletics, swimming, basketball, and football (soccer).  Through sport, students learn and use important life skills such as resilience, communication, teamwork and socialisation. The Special Olympics School Programme usually involves training in a specific sport for four to six weeks and then participating in a Schools Ribbon Day. where athletes from other Special Olympics 'School Programmes' are invited to compete and have fun. It’s a great way to meet new friends from other schools!

Students develop fitness, demonstrate courage and experience success/achievement which may follow through to further participation in Special Olympics sports post-school. 


Leisure Skills / Activities:


An integral part of senior students programming focusses on students developing their Level of participation in Leisure activities. The programme focuses on equipping students with the necessary skills to participate in a variety of social contexts.

Post School Connections: 


Regular contact with various Transition providers. 


Advice and Guidance: 


For students and families navigating a future beyond school. Planning for school leavers in their last years at school ensures a smooth transition to adult life.

A multi agency approach using a MInistry of Social Development funded co-ordinator, the school and family / whanau to create a positive and meaningful plan for life after school.



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