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Our Additional Learning Spaces


The hall is used for cultural sessions, senior students lunch breaks, assemblies, and powhiri.

It doubles as a gym for fitness and Physical Education programmes.




Whare Oranga (House)

We have a one bedroom house on site which is ideal for

teaching activities of daily living such as:

  • meal preparation 

  • laundry

  • house cleaning

  • bed making

  • personal self care. 

This allows students to learn skills to support activities 

of daily living in an appropriate setting.





Teaching Kitchen





















Classes use the teaching kitchen for any baking / meal preparation activities rather than their classroom, as this is an appropriate setting in which to learn cooking skills.





Sensory Studio

                                                                         The sensory studio has been developed as a specific                                                                                   interactive teaching and learning environment for students                                                                           who have visual, sensory and multiple impairments.                                                                                                                                                                                   ]                                                                                 Students timetabled to work in this room have a sensory                                                                               profile, assessment and sensory programme  which                                                                                       heightens awareness, increases cognitive arousal and                                                                                   promotes self determination and self-initiated learning.


                                                                         Sensory studio teaching aims to develop the functional                                                                                 integration of visual, auditory, tactile and proprioceptive                                                                               senses to enhance students’ understanding of the world.





Heated Indoor Pool

We have a small heated indoor hydrotherapy pool on site. 


Swimming sessions are planned to successfully combine therapeutic, fitness and/or recreational programmes. Teaching sessions may focus on:

  • Encouraging water confidence

  • Developing water safety skills

  • Individual aquatherapy

  • Learning basic swimming skills


A hoist is provided to assist with the placing of heavier, immobile students into the water.


Older students and those who have developed basic swimming skills use the local pools at the Moana- Nui-a-Kiwa Leisure Centre.

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