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Mobility Opportunities via Education

What is MOVE®?  

MOVE®  helps learners with physical disabilities acquire increased independence in sitting, standing, and walking - to experience, learn and gain more mobility, better health and enhanced personal dignity.  MOVE® produces results through hard work, repetition and dedication.


The MOVE® programme was introduced to the school in 1999.  We aim to have all staff trained as movement educators.   Individual MOVE® programmes are designed by our transdisciplinary team for any student who is not independent in their mobility.


MOVE® is...


  • a philosophy 

  • functional, useful, measurable progress for setting goal 

  • team work - 'it takes a team to move' 

  • a programmes that offers assistance for people with a singular disability to complex disabilities 

  • a programme that changes ways of thinking and changes attitudes 

  • a structured programme based on assessment and accountability 

  • a way of developing skills beyond the highest skills the student already has 

  • a way of life used throughout the day, used anywhere in an activity

  • underpins the school curriculum and activities, rather than be a timetabled period of teaching and learning. Throughout the day students naturally practice specific motor skills whilst engaged in age appropriate educational or leisure activities

  • cost -efficient and effective






                                     MOVE® Model Site



                                                 Sir Keith Park School is a designated

                                                 MOVE® model site.  A MOVE® Model

                                                 Site is an example of MOVE® in operation.


Parents, teachers, therapists, administrators or anyone else can visit a MOVE® Model Site to observe the students using MOVE® programmes, talk to staff and ask questions, and learn how to introduce MOVE® in their own home / school / community facility.



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