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Outreach Service

Sir Keith Park School runs an itinerant teacher service within the local area to support ORS funded students included in regular mainstream classes by sharing expertise and skills with mainstream colleagues. 


The local school agrees to transfer the student's ORS teacher component - .1 (half day) or .2 (full day) -  to Sir Keith Park Special School.  Sir Keith Park school provides a .1 or .2 Specialist who will visit the student and work with staff and the students family. 


Our aim is to ensure that all students, regardless of their education setting have access to a qualified special education teacher who will work on a regular basis alongside students, teachers and teacher aides within their regular educational programme.


The Outreach service may be involved in a range of support activities, dependent on student need, such as:

  • Assessing a student’s learning needs

  • Designing together programmes for a student

  • Monitoring the student’s progress and planning their next steps

  • Modelling different strategies for teachers and teacher aides

  • Helping teachers to adapt / differentiate the curriculum

  • Reworking materials so they meet a student’s need

  • Contributing to a student’s Individual Education Plan

  • Providing professional development, practical support and supervision to host-school teachers and support staff

  • Sharing resources that meet students’ specific needs

  • Working collaboratively with the Ministry of Education- Learning Support and other relevant agencies.


The Sir Keith Park School  Outreach Teachers are experienced special educators who have an ability to work alongside school teams to support aspirations for students and enhance their learning outcomes.




For further information about the service, please contact:

Tessa Cairns - Outreach Service Co-ordinator

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