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Our Learning


We believe all students can learn and experience success when actively involved in a curriculum which is responsive to their unique needs, strengths and interests.  We interpret the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) through the lens of what is important for our students now and in their future.
Programmes of learning and learning activities are planned to meet all aspects of development and education, and include social, emotional, cognitive, physical and communication. 
Curriculum  Delivery
Effective teaching and learning programmes is the core business of Sir Keith Park School. 
We provide functional educational programmes which challenge students to develop their understandings, skills, attitudes and values in ways which are meaningful to them and relate to their everyday lives.
Transdisciplinary Team Approach
The complex learning needs of our students usually require the combined expertise and knowledge of different professionals.  Research indicates that a transdisciplinary team approach reflects ‘best practice’ for successful learning outcomes.
The transdisciplinary approach is a framework which enables members of an educational team - teacher, specialists, support staff, students and families - to contribute their knowledge and skills to collaborate with other members, and collectively prioritise and deliver the learning programmes that would most benefit a student.
At Sir Keith Park School, specialist input is classroom based and co-ordinated with class programmes.  Programmes for learning are supported / developed / monitored / delivered / assessed through a transdisciplinary approach to ensure optimal learning takes place.
Parents, teachers, and therapists working together are crucial components in ensuring our students’ learning success.



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