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Resource  Teacher of  Vision

What is a Resource Teacher of Vision (R.T.V.)

A specialist teacher, employed by BLENZ (Blind & Low Vision Education Network NZ) who assists students who are blind or have a vision impairment. RTVs work closely with teachers, other specialists, and parents to  support student's learning throughout school and assist in the transition to life beyond the classroom. Their focus is equity, access, and inclusion.


The main aim of the R.T.V. is to improve the student's ability to learn and access the curriculum, so they can meet their potential. This involves…


  • Working closely with teachers to upskill, plan activities and adapt their teaching methods to maximise access to direct & indirect learning opportunities.

  • Identifying and setting up technology and, equipment within the classroom/school environment to allow maximum participation and independence.

  • Planning an liaising with a variety of professionals (e.g O&M, ADL, PT, SLT) to allow access to the Expanded Core Curriculum.

  • Working closely with families and children one to one to support their learning, teach independence skills and specialist skills such as how to read alternative formats

  • Finding, adapting and providing resources to meet the special (tactile) needs of students.




Jacqueline Killip is the RTV assigned to Sir Keith Park School.  She teaches at SKP on

Wednesday mornings.



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